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We are Carmona – your life science platform partner.

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Improving everyday life

Technology and real-world data experts

Carmona started in the early 90s supporting the collection of unified patient data for six centers in Sweden with suitable technology. Today we provide solutions to all stakeholders in the life science sector as well as to healthcare providers and researchers in Scandinavia.

Our journey on improving everyday life

Carmona's journey with our life science platform started when we were contacted by a research group collecting real-world data that was limited in progress through inefficiencies and delays.

We knew that technology could improve the process. Over time, we’ve grown to be a trusted partner in managing patient data, with a team working towards the same goal: using the latest technology to help our life science clients bring their life-saving new treatments to the public and improve everyday day life. Whether it’s a need for health economics understanding or evidence supporting new treatments – we are your partner.

”Whether it's a need for health economics understanding or evidence supporting new treatments - we are your partner.”


It’s about trust: We want to be a long-term partner with our clients and users. We believe in a bright future: There is so much left to do to ensure that every person in need of care receives optimal care. We believe in collaboration: Only with others can the whole chain be linked and give the patient the best possible everyday life. We set out to comply with the highest standards of integrity and ethics in everything we do.

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Carmona’s mission is to offer a life science platform and competence for communication and knowledge development. In the end, we will improve everyday life.

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