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As a healthcare provider, you want to have information-driven healthcare. It should be based on that you have the best possible intel on a specific treatment, but also that you make use of all the information you have access to for your individual patient. Carmona has a long collaboration with clinical sites and has developed specialist systems for many different areas of healthcare. We supply more than 200 clinics with Compos DS in Scandinavia. It gives you as HCP your patients' history of care, as well as his or her own reporting at your fingertips. This saves loads of time that you can use with your patient instead of in front of your computer.

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Our solutions for life science projects

Through the years we have gotten a vast experience in supporting our clients with technology and tools for producing high impact clinical research on real-world evidence.

A missing link in modern healthcare is the existence and management of patient-reported information, sometimes called PROM and PREM. We have developed Compos PM to be a stand alone service for healthcare providers, enabling them and their patients to have a seamless understanding of how this information is managed. We have more than 150 established forms for you to pick what you need to get the most efficient information described from your patient, and we can easily provide you with new forms of your choice.

Forms can be accessed by patients from their mobiles or computers. We make sure that every patient is identified and that the data is securely transported between units.

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  • CE certified medical device
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