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EDC + ePRO and a lot of other features makes Compos CT outstanding in clinical trial functionality. It utilizes all the benefits of being a member of the Compos family.

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Full control

By having access to the complete Compos family, every clinical trial can be set up to fit the protocol and get the most out of every hour spent.

By having the combination of well used interfaces in healthcare, visit based or event based logic for screening and the ability to adapt to protocol, not only can we provide an EDC and ePRO, but also ensure that site personell can work in it from start.

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Compos CT includes randomization as well as real-time monitoring of patients and variables. You can also choose if you want the patients to be fully, partially or not anonymized. Keeping track of your protocol during the complete trial and being able to extract data correctly is vital. We support you, from start to finish, and have the knowledge of analyzing the data based on the trajectory of the trial. We comply with GCP and ISO 13485 standards.


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