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Compos DS is the pinnacle for data collection and value creation in trials as well as in healthcare. It is used both as an EDC (Electronic Data Capture) and as decision support in clinical settings.

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How it works

Compos DS is a local decision support system with a patient overview that is used to collect important information about each patient.

Compos DS collects and presents information about the patient’s medical history, disease status, laboratory data, examinations, treatments, side effects, symptoms and quality of life. The information is compiled and visualized in a clear way in graphics and tables.

All information that is entered in a patient overview is structured through a special order, uniform word choice and different presets.

This means that data can be transferred from a patient overview to a quality register, study or a clinical trial database. The total amount of data provides qualitative data for the development of care and treatment at local, regional and national healthcare level.

Some of the areas that the information can be used for are the development of new treatment strategies, research, development and follow-up of new drugs, knowledge about side effects and as a basis for decision-making to promote equal care.

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How it's used

Compos DS is often used together with the patient and gives an overview of the patient's history and situation.

This facilitates the work of the healthcare staff and can also convey a clear picture of the situation and how the treatment works to the patient. As part of the patient overview, the information provided by the patient from Compos PM (PROM – Patient Related Outcome Measures) used to monitor the patient’s response and quality of life.

Each site uses their own database for their patients which can be integrated with our other systems in the Compos family. With patient consent, data will be automatically transferred to the national quality register or to a clinical trial database.



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