Compos QR

Compos QR is the backbone product of the Compos family – with database architecture, data warehouse, user management and all other features to ensure that data is correct in all aspects throughout the process.

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User management

For every register or trial there is a need for giving access to users in different ways and making the management and log control easy to use.

In Compos QR, users are defined by their role and given access to sites and thereby their patients. Users can have limited or up to full access to data, which can be managed by site coordinators or by us.

Data export management

Data can be extracted easily by an interface that helps you to repeat the same question to ensure that data is extracted the same way repeatedly.

You can access data based on your role and rights in Compos QR User Management. This gives you the freedom to make the most use of it and the possibility to build your own data warehouse or reports.


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