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Statistics and analytics are about the result from data collected over time. We provide products for both real-time monitoring as well as advanced statistics and reports on studies and drug follow-up.

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Business Intelligence

When you want the freedom to find your own statistics and combine variables in new ways you need powerful tools.

We use BI as a tool for large data volumes spread over many sites. It is an effective tool when the data is gathered without a specific protocol and you need to find your research questions underway.

Data can be used in real-time mode from multiple sources without compromising data protection routines of the highest standard.

A Power BI application for Swedish Childcare

A classic slider diagram that gives you the possiblity to look at variables with filtering time, age etc.

Analysis and reporting

Bringing RWD into RWE demands knowledge of both the data and a scientific approach. We collaborate with a network of academics and can provide full reporting on both health economics and clinical outcomes.

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