Evolvement projects

Having a system in place is one thing, making full use of it is another.

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Evolvement Project

Carmona has capabilities to promote your register or EDC and PROM service to users. We take on projects to educate and demonstrate effective use of our systems, and use our network to arrange meetings and seminars from best practice organizations and users.

We have ongoing projects that support our clients in getting the best out of their investment and collecting the data they need. You are welcome to contact us for a discussion on how this can be done.

Do you want to establish a whole new register? We can assist you in both process and choice of technology. We even offer full project management that helps you do the right choices and make sure you have the correct knowledge in all steps.

  • Lead user Heatmap
  • Consultancy services
  • Inspirational seminars
  • Best practice white papers and media
  • Patient recruitment projects
  • Site and user recruitment projects

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