Registry studies

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Single and multi registry studies

Getting access to data in a correct and swift way can be challenging. Deciding to perform a registry study often starts with finding out what variables to ask for, the number of patients and how difficult it will be to access. 

We help pharma companies in all sizes and in all areas with a first scan of Swedish and Scandinavian feasibility for a registry study. Some registries are accessible without ethical approval to get group level data. For a more in-depth data collection on patient level, an ethical application is sent in and must be approved to access data.

We can support you all the way to find the best road ahead, whether it is a brief of a treatment pattern or it iss an academic research project with impact potential.

Often you need to make use of more than one registry to find what you need. We provide all the knowledge and technology to combine multiple data sources without getting lost.


Research collaboration

Through our collaboration with Halmstad University, we have a unique possibility to access more than 50 databases of patient data, all linked together.

The master database integrates all data from a part of all publicly funded healthcare since 2012 including;

  • Hospital/clinic encounters in primary care, outpatient specialist care, emergency, inpatient, ambulance and pharmacy visits.
  • Details of the aforementioned events in terms of diagnoses, procedures, notes, medications, etc.
  • Patient demographics extracted from national registers including gender, age, primary care units where the person is registered, corresponding geography IDs, etc.
  • Personnel utilization (nurses, assistant nurses, physicians, medical secretaries) per hour per day from human resource data. It also includes codes for all care delivery units and all care providers, enabling linkage of care encounters.
  • Costs allocated at the patient-encounter level across all care venues and take into account resources and utilized capacity


Nurse explaining to a young female patient medical procedure at medical clinic.

Example of data that can be accessed

  • Diagnosis
  • Variables
  • Treatment
  • Effect
  • Medications
  • Income
  • Education
  • Heredity
  • Lab values
  • Demographics

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