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Compos PM is a web-based stand-alone system in the Compos family that is used by patients to serve both themselves as well as their caregivers. It is an excellent tool in clinical trials to access data on responses from patients – with hundreds of validated digital forms available and a user-friendly system to set up new forms.

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Why personal measurements?

Whether you search for health economic measures or the response of a treatment, you will most often find that you lack patient-reported data in your health record or database.

PROM (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) measures the patient’s experience of their illness and health related to their treatment or other intervention. When measuring, surveys are often used. They can be either the type where patients estimate a change or where they estimate their current health at various times before, during and after a treatment/intervention. PROM measurements reflect patients’ perceptions of health outcomes, providing important information in the creation of better and more patient-focused care.

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When is it used?

Compos PM is used when you want a systematic knowledge of self-reported outcomes from individual patients or in a patient group. The tool is useful for monitoring results related to perceived benefits and problems, comparisons of the effects of various treatments on patients’ self-reported health, health economic analyzes, national comparisons via the national quality registries, data for patient safety work or to identify risk groups that may be in need of specific interventions. It’s used both separately as an e-form service with a digital dashboard or as e-forms that can be imported into Compos DS.



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