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EDC + ePRO, and a lot of other products in the Compos family, will provide you with a complete platform for your needs. Our expertise and platform is key to achieve the RWD and knowledge you are searching for.

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Our solutions for life science projects

From RWD to RWE

Through the years we have gotten a vast experience in supporting our clients with technology and tools for producing high impact clinical research on real-world data. Our core experience is within post market, phase IV and PASS studies, and where we constantly see collections of data being turned into new clinical guidelines, based on the use of Compos and our assistance.

Clinical research and trials can be challenging with many different aspects to consider. We have extensive experience and expertise in, among other things, database and registry development, study monitoring and project management in clinical trials and studies.

We work within a large network of academic researchers and experts and we collaborate with many pharmaceutical and medtech companies. You are welcome to contact us with your needs or ideas and we will partner with you to find the best road ahead to get the job done.

Our platform contains all the features needed for any kind of study, including randomization, safety reporting, PROM, PREM, secure login, dashboards and clinical decision support. We have more than 20 ongoing studies, following + 20 000 patients in several different diagnosis groups. We support clinical trials on medical devices as well as on drugs and treatments.

  • Post market clinical trials
  • Medical devices clinical trials
  • RWE for price and reimbursement reporting
  • Retrospective studies (Registry studies)
  • Prospective observational studies (NIS)
  • HEOR studies (Health Economics)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Patient recruitment projects


Establishing a patient registry

Our solutions for life science projects

There are still many areas that lack unified real-world data on national level. To be able to understand and develop treatments requires knowledge from clinical practice over time. We have supported several developments of new national registries in order to follow clinical practice and obtain RWD and have expertise in the process.


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Patient reported outcomes measures (PROM)

Our solutions for life science projects

Compos PM is our system for patients to report and monitor their health. We have more than 150 e-forms in use that gives feedback to all parties. All data is signed in through secure channels and with identification of patients. We use traditional scales and algorithms as well as item banking technology to minimize effort for patients.

"Using Compos PM validated e-forms and dashboards gives us a whole new understanding of our patients."
Peter Jacobsson, Leg, psychologist, Region Halland